Firestone Complete Auto Care Center – April Offers

It seems like a lot of companies are trying to make an effort to show their eco-friendly sides this month leading up to Earth Day, April 22nd.

Car companies and oil companies are definitely trying to show their part as well as cars are usually given the biggest blames for ruining out ecosystem.  There are ways to get your car into a better ec0-friendly system and several companies, including Firestone are trying to make customers aware.

Getting an oil change actually can keep your car in better shape to help the environment.  Your car will put off less pollutants and you will get better mileage, in turn using less gas.

To get more people oil changes this month, Firestone Complete Auto Care Centers are giving away a free oil change every day.  You can sign up for the free oil change contest here.

For those of you that don’t win, you can still save $10 with a Firestone oil change coupon this month.  This oil change coupon is good for $10 off of a standard oil chagne and filter with up to 5 quartsof Kendall GT-1 Synthetic Blend Motor Oil with Liquid Titanium.

Firestone Oil Change Coupon - 2012, April

Also, one lucky winner will be given 4 Ecopia Tires for free on Earth Day.  That is a $750 value just given away.

Ecopia Tires are the most eco-friendly tires that I have come across yet.  They increase fuel efficiency by lowering rolling resistance and returning energy back to the tire, unlike normal sidewalls that just generate heat.   They are also made of recycled rubber while using a special Nano Pro-Tech + Silica combination that reduces the CO2 given off and increases fuel efficiency.

If you are interested in buying Ecopia Tires, they are offered at a great discount with a Firestone tire coupon. You can choose between getting a $70 American Express Reward Cardor a free Kindle Touch when you buy a set of Ecopia Tires before April 29th.

Firestone Ecopia Tire Coupon - 2012, April

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  1. I know this is probably the wrong section . Although, I was just thinking has anyone used this company? I’m trying to get a gist of what to expect before I give it a go. All I know is there name is Interstate Auto Buyers, 16644 W Bernardo Dr #452 San Diego, CA 92127 – (619) 780-2223

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