Car-X Oil Change Coupons – 2012, September

I usually post a monthly update to the Car-X oil change coupons section of this website with the newest deals available.  This month, I’m basically going to point you all in a different direction to get some much better deals.

Car-X sometimes has nationally run discounts, but usually to get the best price, you have to check out your local Car-X location’s deals.

Each location will have different prices because Car-X is run in a franchise form of business.  Each station is owned by a different franchisee that is allowed to set their own prices and issue their own coupons.  You will however get the same service, because that is one part of the agreement between franchisees and franchisors.

Right now there are 156 different locations for Car-X.  With each one having their own discount, you can see why it might be a bit of a waste to post them all here.

You can click here, to find your closest Car-X and see what discount they have for you.

Example of Car-X coupons for September include:

Car-X oil change coupon - September 2012

The deal above would get you a “family pack special” on oil changes at the Car-X located in Balwin, MO.  This is a pretty great deal that would get you 3 oil changes in a package for $49.95 total.  That would mean that each oil change would only cost $16.65 each.  Usually the price of an oil change is upwards of $30 plus taxes and other surcharges.

Just in case you are near the Balwin location, here is the address where that coupon would work:

15487 Manchester Rd
Ballwin, MO 63011

The rest of you will have to go to the Car-X website and look for your location for coupons.  They have it set up very easy for you here.

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