Car-X Oil Change and Brake Coupons:

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Car-X Oil Change Coupons 

Car-X Oil Change Coupons – Exp July 30

Car-X Oil Change, Tire Rotation, Wiper Blades – Groupon

Car-X Company Information

Car-X has evolved over the years from a company specializing in just muffler and exhaust repair and servicing, to become a full blown repair shop for almost all vehicle needs.

Car-X started back in 1971 as a predominately exhaust repair shop.  A group of investors came together to build the first Car-X location with dreams of growing, and that they did.

The Car-X locations are all franchises.  Other franchised auto repair and oil change competitors include companies like Valvoline Instant Oil Change, Midas, and Meineke.  Franchise opportunities are available today for those who are intersted in owning their own Car-X location.  They say that “mechanical aptitude” is not a necessity to owning a franchised location, but it wouldn’t hurt.

Today, you can get a lot more services at Car-X than just work on your muffler or oil changes.

There are over 175 franchised locations currently.  Car-X was named the #1 automotive service franchise by Success Magazine.  This is quite the feat for a car repair company like this considering their strong competition.

Repairs and services are available for almost all mechanical parts of your car.  They will service your entire engine including the electrical system, timing belts, transmission services, air conditioning system, alternator, fuel pumps & lines, as well as the air conditioning system. They will also perform work under your car.  Under car work has to do with wheels, shocks, exhaust system, muffler, catalytic converter, springs, and brakes.

You can even bring your automobile into CarX to get work done on the exterior of your car.  They will perform work on your headlights and windshield wipers.  You can get custom wheels installed or add ground effects.  They will install performance exhaust for those looking to get this service.  It seems like they will do all car servicing short of major auto body repair.

And of course, there are preventative maintenance options available at Car-X franchised locations.  You can find coupons for these services often.  Oil changes are a major part of this company’s service load.  They also do a lot of work installing brakes and selling discount tires.

CarX locations are mainly spread out among the Lake Michigan area with the highest majority of their shops in Northeast Illinois.  There are also places that you can get your car serviced in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Minnesota, Iowa, and Texas in addition to the rest of the Illinois state areas.

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