Are Oil Coolers Worth it?

You do not have to be a mechanic of a gear head to know that the engine of your car produces a lot of heat when it is running. What may not be as apparent is the effect of these high temperatures on the piece of your engine as well as the fluids flowing through it. If you were to run your engine without some kind of cooling system, your engine would overheat and seize in short order. The radiator does a fairly good job of keeping the engine cool, but we can do better than that.

The first item to look at, when thinking about the cooling of your engine is the radiator. Many people have found the installation of a high performance radiator increases the efficiency of their engines because they cool your engine faster than the stock radiator. The Evotion brand, available at, offers more cooling by utilizing a core with a larger surface area and higher efficiency air fins than the standard radiators. Coupled with the Evotion brand Engine oil coolers, you can expect extended the life of your engine while boosting its performance.

Engine oil coolers help to further reduce the temperature of the engine by cooling the oil directly. This means that the oil is acting as a coolant of a sort. These devices work on the same principle as a radiator. By passing the oil through a kind of heat sink, the oil is given a little time to cool and then pushed back into the engine. One of the most important factors when using Engine oil coolers is the reduction of thermal breakdown that will occur in the oil. This means that the oil in the engine will last longer and lubricate your engine more effectively. This will also reduce the dreaded build up, also known as sludge, which is so destructive to your engine.

All in all, I would say that Engine oil coolers are a great addition to any high performance vehicle. I don’t think that this is a worthwhile addition to the average clunker, but this is a simple installation that will have noticeable results.

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