All Sears Oil Change Coupons – June 2012

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Once again, things haven’t changed much for the Sears oil change coupons from April to May to June.  These are still the same discounts that keep carrying over form month to month, but the printable coupons on this page are at least the newest and most valid coupons.

All of the following coupons expire on June 30, 2012.  There is also a $3 shop fee that applies in all locations except in CA, IL, MN & PR.

Sears Coupon #1 – $21.99 or $8 off any oil change

This is the basic oil change option.  For $21.99 you can get a conventional oil change.  If you would like to upgrade to something like a high mileage oil change or a synthetic oil change, then you can opt to use the coupon below to get $8 off of one of those fully priced oil changes from Sears.

Sears oil change coupon - June

Sears Coupon #2 – $99.97 Road Trip Ready Package

This is a great coupon for starting off the summer right.  This coupon will get you a lot of savings on a service that includes Air Filter, Wheel Alignment, Conventional Oil Change, Tire Rotation, and Multi-Point Inspection.  Lots of people increase their driving a lot in the summer, and it is important to get an oil change and wheel alignment at this time.

Sears Road Trip Ready Coupon - June 2012

Sears Coupon #3 – $89.98 Oil Change and Alignment

This is a little like the coupon above, but without a few options.  I personally think it would be better to get the road trip ready package, but here is the next coupon regardless.  This coupon will get you Wheel Alignment, Conventional Oil Change, Tire Rotation, and Multi-Point Inspection for $89.98.

Sears oil change and wheel alignment coupon

Again, all of these special discount oil changes are expiring June 30th.  I’m sure I will post the same ones next month, but those will say expiring July 31.

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