About Oil Changes

General Information About Oil Changes

How often do you need an oil change? Why do you need an oil change? Should you do it yourself? Maybe you need some oil change coupons?

You do have a few options when you hit that 3000 mile mark and you need to get an oil change.

Oil Change Options

You car’s oil change is one of those mandatory things that you have to handle every once in a while. Nobody looks forward to an oil change because it is both expensive and time consuming. If you do the oil change yourself, you might cut some costs but it takes a lot of time. Instead, if you pay somebody to do your oil change and save a lot of time, but you’ll spend a lot more money in the process.

Still, you need to get this taken care of every 3,000 miles. If you don’t then you risk having your engine parts break down. A benefit that most people don’t realize is an oil change canimprove your fuel efficiency. The MPG of your car can significantly improve after each visit to the mechanic.

Oil Change Prices

Oil change prices vary considerably based on who works on your car and the type of oil change you get.

There are different prices for basic to more advanced oil changes using premium oil and better oil filters. You can also get extras added that can bring up the price a lot too.

The best oil change companies usually offer some pretty great discounts if you know how to find them. You can usually find a cheap oil change coupon with little effort at all.

Oil Change Coupons

Jiffy Lube usually has deals that save you a few dollars on every oil change. Walmart oil change coupons are usually there to help spend less money. Firestone coupons can save money on oil and also on tires. These coupons are often found on websites, in the mail, or in a newspaper.

You can also use social coupon sites like Groupon and LivingSocial to find some ridiculously good deals. Sometime they offer bulk discounts that can cover all of your car servicing for an entire year. It really is a wonderful system that they have for you.

Doing Your Own Oil Change

If you decide to go the route of performing your own oil change, you should definitely get some directions on how to do it yourself. Pick up a Haynes auto manual for your specific car to get detailed instructions on how to work on your car.

You will also need all of the oil change tools necessary to do it on your own. You will at least need a jack, ratchet, and some place to catch the oil. Some people don’t have a funnel available and will make their own by cutting up a water bottle to save some money. If you don’t have the tools available, you can even go to an AutoZone to where they lend tools to customers.

After you change your oil it is important to dispose of the waste properly. Sometimes you can bring it to a mechanic and other times you can bring it back to the store that you bought the oil for your car.

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