AAMCO Free Oil Change and Rewards

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It’s amazing what kind of freebies and discounts you can get just by sharing your email address with a company.  AAMCO delivers coupons to your email inbox from the beginning of signing up for AAMCO Rewards.

Each AAMCO location will have different coupons every week and month, but they all will share the benefits of signing up for the AAMCO Rewards program.

We’ll cover what the rewards points get you after we talk about the immediate discounts and free offers that you’ll get once you sign up for the program.

Free Oil Change and Tire Rotation

Sign up for AAMCO Rewards and you will get a free oil change and tire rotation on additional household vehicles.  This is great for those of you that own multiple vehicles as you’ll save money on the maintenance of your 2nd and 3rd cars.  The free oil change comes with up to 5 quarts of conventional motor oil and a standard filter.

Free Tire Rotations

If you bring your car in for any service, while being a member of the AAMCO Rewards program, you will be able to get a free tire rotation with any of those services.  Need an oil change?  Free tire rotation.  Need your A/C flushed?  Free tire rotation.  Need anything else?  Free tire rotations.

AAMCO Rewards Points

You will earn rewards points on every dollar that you spend on AAMCO services.  These points can be used towards most services at AAMCI locations.  Points are equal to 5% of the dollars that you spend at AAMCO.  There is a $50 maximum point total and these rewards cannot be combined with any other coupon, special, discount, or promotion.

Members Only Discounts

This basically means that you’ll get access to the lowest prices AAMCO coupons available.

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