$19.99 Synthetic Oil Change

This is the cheapest deal that I have ever seen for a synthetic oil change.  Usually a conventional or standard change costs about $19.99 with a good discount, but this coupon will get you some crazy savings.

Usually the cost of a synthetic oil change, if you do it yourself, should still cost almost $50 just for the oil.  Most vehicles need 5 quarts of motor oil, and they are usually about $10 per quart.  If you don’t believe me, check out the price at Pep Boys.  That means that this is more than 50% off with this coupon.

This discount is running right now at participating NAPA locations.  You can get 5 quarts of NAPA brand synthetic motor oil all for just $19.99.



Synthetic Oil provides a ton of benefits that can help improve the performance of your car. And right now, the biggest benefit is saving money. You can get 5 quarts of NAPA Full Synthetic Motor Oil and a NAPA Silver Filter for the low price of $19.99. That’s better viscosity, resistance to oxidation, better lubrication, and longer engine life than traditional oil, for less than twenty bucks. Get to NAPA AUTO PARTS today to take advantage of this real deal on synthetic oil.

*Offer good on many popular NAPA Silver Oil Filters regularly priced at $3.99. Prices will be higher for some filters. Sale prices do not include applicable state/local taxes or recycling fees on oil. At participating stores only.

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