Oil Change Coupons for 2021

Oil changes can get pretty costly.  If it is time for you to get yours done, you might want to shop around a little for a good price.  There is no reason you should be spending over $20 if you don’t have to, but a lot of people will because they aren’t sure about the true cost of an oil change.  There are discounts available all over this website, around the web and probably somewhere in your home right now.

There are often special coupons for oil changes provided by sites like Groupon and Google Offers that can get you over 80% off of oil changes.  This site is here to pull all of these coupons to get you a cheap oil change the next time you are due.

Popular Oil Change Coupons for 2021

How much can you expect to save?

You can use an oil change coupon to bring the price of a standard (conventional) oil change down by $5-$10 usually.  In the case of synthetic or high mileage deals, you can get them down by half price with the right deal.

Why would you ever pay full price for an oil change? Let’s face it…oil changes are one of those pesky responsibilities that come around once every 3,000 miles or 3 months.  That is if you are taking proper care of your car. When that time hits, a lot of people forget how expensive it can be to get an oil change.  It can become dangerous and expensive to start pushing off regularly schedule car maintenance like this.  Don’t do it because the price is too high.

You probably constantly see cheap oil change coupons in the mail and newspapers, but you throw them to the side thinking they’ll pop up when you need them next.

But what really happens? The day comes around when you need to bring your car in for servicing and you are wondering why you are stuck paying over $40 for an oil change that could have been under $20 if you found one of those discounts that you tossed earlier.

Then you start viciously tearing apart your newspapers and magazines trying to find discount oil changes to save you about half the price.  But, you don’t find it.  You shell out $50 or more for an oil change at your closest mechanic when you should have been able to save a bundle.

Where can you find cheap oil change coupons?

You can always check your Sunday newspaper and try to sift though the massive amounts of ads and other product coupons.  You can pass the time and wait for the special circulars to get delivered to your mailbox, which sounds all too convenient.

Cheap Oil Change Coupons

The best and quickest option would be to find free printable coupons online. The web has made it easier to find these great deals.  Car service stations such as Meineke, Jiffy Lube, and EZ Lube have made it easy to find discounts on the web saving you time and money.

How often should you change your oil?

Mechanics and car companies recommend that you get an oil and oil filter change every 3,000 miles or every 3 months, whichever comes first.  A good and honest mechanic will tell you that an it can be put off closer to 4,500 miles for a newer car, while cars with over 50,000 miles on them should be serviced after 3,00 miles.  Older cars would fare better with oil changes earlier than that, and you might consider going for the high mileage option at that point.

Why are oil changes so expensive?

Getting an oil change does seem expensive, but in the grand scheme of things, the prices haven’t gone up as drastically as other oil based products of services.  With the rising price of crude oil in our economy come increased prices on the goods and services you are used to getting.  Try getting a coupon so that you can bring your prices back down to prices that you got used to before the recession hit and inflation started climbing at a ridiculous rate.

Is it easy to do an oil change on your own?

If you have all of the equipment needed for an oil change, the time to get it done and patience to work through it then you can do it on your own.  It isn’t all that hard, but what most people don’t realize is that performing an oil change on our own can become more expensive than having a car service center to it for you.  Prices on the parts involved add up, you don’t always get the best deal on materials and you can’t guarantee that you do it right the first time.

These companies to you might go to for a car servicing will buy the oil in bulk, saving them money.  They can then take that discount and pass the savings on to you.  With that being said, you shouldn’t have to put yourself through the headache and mess of changing your own oil when you can have a professional do it for a fraction of the price, especially when you find yourself a good deal on our website.

Along with oil changes, you can find plenty of other car service coupons around this website for the following services:

  • Tire rotation
  • New tires
  • Brake pads
  • Brake rotors
  • Air Conditioning
  • Tune up
  • New battery
  • Shocks and struts
  • Lubrication for the chassis
  • Vacuuming the interior
  • Washing exterior windows

Many popular oil change stations and even local mechanics offer a “full service” package.  These full services are a courtesy offered to help top off certain fluids in your car and to sometimes find a bigger problem.

Usually, the mechanic will top off your coolant/antifreeze, brake oil, power steering fluid, and windshield washer fluid.  Your tires will usually be filled to the correct PSI of air.  Some places will even do a free tire rotation if your car needs it.

Are you coming up on your final few miles before you need to get your car serviced?  Find yourself a cheap oil change coupon to free up some cash for something better than a chore for your car.

Discount Oil Change Coupons

That is what this website is based around.  We are trying to find you the greatest deals on this service that you definitely need to get.  There is no avoiding getting your oil changed a few times a year, so you might as well look for some good discounts here.  If you start to avoid taking care of this necessity, there is a good chance that you will cause serious damage to your engine.  After a long enough time of running a car on bad motor oil, you are just asking to have your engine seize up on you.  When that happens, you’ll be stuck with possibly thousand of dollars in repairs.  Why go that route when you can maintain instead?

Where is my favorite place to go?

Well that all depends on who is giving the best deal.  Also, I like to find a great quality place near me.  To find that I’ll ask coworkers and friends for recommendations.  If that doesn’t go anywhere, I’ll head right to Yelp where I can find reviews from other places and see what their customers’ experiences were like in the past.