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Tire Coupons and Rebates – December 2012

This is definitely not the time of the year that you want your tires to fall apart. If you get a flat or a blowout, have fun trying to change your tire in the freezing cold.  Also, snow and icy roads will become extremely slick for older tires that have begin “balding”, so now could be a great time to look into getting a new set of tires, preferably at a discount.

Below are some discounts for several major tire retailers around the country, all of which will install the tires at their location.

Walmart Tires

Coupons and rebates do not seem available for tires at Walmart, but there are still a lot of “rollbacks” worth checking out.

Rollbacks go as far down as $59 per tire, priced down from $99 each.  You can find you specific tire discount here.

STS Tire

There are two different specials running right now that you should know about.

1 – Get up to $160 back by mail in rebate on Goodyear or Dunlop specific models

2 – Get $100 cash back on Pirelli tires – Valid through 12/2/12

Firestone Complete Auto Care

Firestone is known for their brand of tires, so it only makes sense that you should at least look their way for buying a set and getting them installed.  For the rest of December you can get Firestone Firehawk Wide Oval AS tires with a Buy 3 Get 1 Free offer or Buy one and get the 2nd for half price.

Pep Boys Tire Sale

Going with the theme of this website, I might as well  throw out the oil change coupon available with a tire purchase.  Basically, get 2 installed tires and you’ll be able to ask for a free conventional oil change.  This deal expires on December 31, 2012.

WildPeak Tire Rebate

There is a $100 money back mail in rebate available on WildPeak Tires.  The offer is valid October 1, 2012 until December 31, 2012.

The offer is good on a purchase of the entire 4 tire set of this brand of tire.

Lots of additional rebates going on right now that you can find here.

Walmart Deals

Trying to find a deal for Walmart in November is near impossible if you try looking at their circular.  This thing is 48 pages of kids toys front and back.  Apparntly Furby still exists and Wreckit Ralph toys are already popular despite the movie not even coming out yet.

I had to do a little more searching to find anymore discounts this month, but the only ones that I could come up with were some do-it-yourself (DIY) specials for those of you that are good with some tools.

With winter coming up really soon, you should definitely look into getting some services taken care of on your car, more than just the oil change.  As roads start to get slick from rain, ice, snow, etc. you will need to get some good tires with a lot of tread so that your car can actually stay on the road.  One of the most dangerous things you can do with your car is have tires that are ill equipped for the winter season.  There are plenty of tire discounts around their site that you can find here.

As for oil changes, the deals for this month can be found in a special insert for the Auto Center alone.  Again, these are all do it yourself and not services done at your Walmart.

Walmart oil circular November 2012

The deals below all expire on October 31, 2012.  The following prices are from the most recent sales pages.


Valvoline® or Castrol® GTX Conventional Motor Oil, 5 qt – $15.97
Purolator® Classic Oil Filter – $3.27
TOTAL – $19.24 for both
Pennzoil® Conventional Motor Oil, 5 qt. – $15.47 each
Purolator® Classic Oil Filter – $3.27
TOTAL – $18.74


Castrol® GTX High Mileage Motor Oil, 5 qt – $17.27
Fram® Tough Guard® Oil Filter – Starting at $5.94 each
TOTAL – $23.21


1 GALLON Rotella® Synthetic Blend Oil – $12.97


Mobil 1® Synthetic Motor Oil, 5 qt – $24.97 each
Fram® Tough Guard® Oil Filter – Starting at $5.94
TOTAL – $30.91


GumOut® 2X Concentrated Fuel Injector Cleaner – $2.98
Dura Lube® Severe Fuel System Cleaner – $10.97
Dura Lube® Engine Treatment – $14.54


Autolite® Copper Spark Plugs – $2.97 each
Bosch® Platinum +2 Spark Plugs – $8.97 each
Bosch® Fusion Spark Plugs – $10.88 each

Prestone Antifreeze/Coolant at WalmartCOOLANT/ANTI-FREEZE

Super Tech™ 50/50 Antifreeze/Coolant – $7.97
Prestone® 50/50 Prediluted Antifreeze/Coolant – $10.24
Prestone Antifreeze/Coolant Concentrate – $12.24
Prestone® RV Antifreeze
Super Tech™ RV & Marine Antifreeze – $2.97


EverStart® 6-Gauge Booster Cables – $28.88 each pair
Schumacher® 1.5-Amp Battery Maintainer – $19.97
Schumacher® 500-Amp Jump Starter – $48.88
Schumacher® 30-Amp Charger – $79.97

Walmart Tire Coupons

Walmart does not advertise coupons for tires.  You can however find some great deals on tires when you shop at there.

“Price rollbacks” come fairly often for tires, especially during certain seasons.  Summertime they offer a lot of tire discounts because people plan on driving a lot more and pay attention to their car health.  This includes checking the tread on their tires and seeking out some new cheap tires.

Walmart also advertises snow tires a lot when it gets closer to winter time.  Snow tires can get expensive, but you can look around the official website to see if they have any current promotions on any different snow tire brands.

Another place to find some other advertised tire discounts it to check your local Walmart ad/circular.  This will either come to you in a local newspaper or you can go to Walmart.com and look up the local ad by your zip code.  You’ll see the tire discount in the automotive section of the circular.

They carry several different brand of tires.  Like most products at Walmart, you will find a variety of options, but you most likely won’t find any premium options.  The selection is usually among some of the cheapest tires available from major manufacturers.  If you are looking for premium sports tires or something like that, you might want to go to a dealer that sells tires like Pirelli, or try going to a Goodyear or a Firestone Complete Auto Care center.

A perk of getting tires at Walmart is there are a lot of locations with service stations attached.  You can select your tires and then go shopping for other groceries or wander around the store while the location’s mechanics install your new tires.

If you want to comparison shop for tires, you can do so on the company’s website.  You will see all of the different tires that they carry, and if you find something that you want you can order it on the website.  At the time of this writing, they offer free shipping to your local store if you purchase tires from their website.

Cheap Oil Change Orlando

Orlando is a huge city where people have to do a lot of driving to get around.  Most people think of this city from the outside as just a place for visitors to come and visit Disney World or hang out for a vacation.  What a lot of people don’t realize is the huge population that is there.  And this huge population has to drive long distances all of the time because the city is so spread out to accommodate the tourists and keep the city a popular vacation destination.

All of this driving means more wear and tear on your car.  To prevent this wear and tear and to prevent any future damages, you will need to keep your car maintenance up.  This really means you’ll need more oil changes per year than most of the country.

The more times that you need this service adds up to more money coming out of your pocket, especially with the price of oil constantly going up.  In order to get some cheaper deals you might want to look for some Orlando oil change coupons.

Tires Plus – Orlando

The Tires Plus Orlando location accepts national offers like the $22.99 synthetic oil change coupon, $35.99 high mileage discount and the $49.99 synthetic discounts.  You can get any of them by clicking here.  On top of that you can check their local site for specials and discounts specific to the one at 4801 South Kirkman Road.

Walmart – Orlando

There is a Walmart Tire and Lube Express location in Orlando.  The address is 8101 South John Young Parkway.

This Walmart location does not have any current Walmart coupons, but there are some deals going on regularly.  The regular price of an oil change here is close to $30, but you can get a less expensive deal here if you want to do the oil change yourself.  Different motor oils constantly go on sale here so you can get a good deal if you know how to do the work by yourself.

Walmart Oil Change Coupons 2012

You can find more Walmart oil change coupons and discounts by visiting the Walmart section of the CheapOilChangecoupons.com website.  You can find that section of our site by clicking here.

Again, we couldn’t find any discounts for oil changes performed by Walmart professionals, but we got some great deals this month for discounts on Walmart DIY oil changes.  This means that we have coupons for motor oil so you can do it yourself and save money, without having to leave your car with the Walmart employees.

All of these discounts are for Valvoline motor oil coupons:

Save $6 on Any Valvoline Motor Oil

$6.00 off five quarts of ANY Valvoline motor oilSave on one 5 quart jug OR five individual quarts of ANY Valvoline motor oil at any Walmart using the coupon link below

$6.00 off five quarts of ANY Valvoline motor oil