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Valvoline Instant Oil Change Coupons 2016

Valvoline oil changes can be broken down into separate discounts for oil changes either performed at Valvoline Instant Oil Change locations but also for coupons for Valvoline oil changes using the Valvoline brand of motor oil.  

Below you can find these discount oil changes split between the two options for your convenience.

Valvoline Instant Oil Change Coupons

VIOC Save $5 or $7

Valvoline Oil Change Coupons

Sears Valvoline Oil Change Coupon – $10 back on Valvoline Synpower

NTB Oil Change Coupon  – $10 off ANY oil change

Pep Boys Oil Change Coupons –  $20 Valvoline Oil Change Rebate

Goodyear Oil Change Coupons – $10 Off Synthetic Valvoline Oil Change

EZ Lube/Valvoline Instant Oil Change Coupon 

EZ Lube is now Valvoline Instant Oil Change – $10 coupon

Your car is an extension of you. You need it to drive around town for errands. You need it to get to and from work or school. Your car basically helps you survive in our modern world. Without it, you could make it, but most of your everyday tasks would take forever.

There are options to driving that you could consider. You could always try walking places. Good luck with that though. You will have a lot of trouble getting to and from places unless you live in a big city like New York, Chicago, or Boston. Biking is always an option. The problem with that is you can’t comfortably ride your bike in the rain, and you can only go so far before tiring out. Also, good luck trying to carry groceries on a bicycle or not ruin your nice clothes on your commute.

Ever considered public transportation? This works for some people, but most cities aren’t built right for getting around town efficiently. Again, New York City is one of the only places you can get by without a car. So what are you to do? You have to own a car. With this luxury comes the responsibility of properly maintaining it. The bare minimum that you should do is get oil changes every 3000 miles. The problem is though, it is often hard to find a cheap oil change that is done by a trustworthy mechanic.

Valvoline Oil Change Coupons

Enter Valvoline. Valvoline oil changes are consistently done with pure quality and finished rather swiftly. With a high branded company, you might find the prices getting a little high. If you do a little research and find a good Valvoline oil change coupon, you can save a lot of money on this necessary part of your car owning life.

Valvoline, a division of Ashland Inc., produces one of the most used oils in cars and trucks worldwide. Valvoline entered the quick oil change market in 1986 when they purchased the Rapid Oil Change centers in upstate NY and the Twin Cities area and then the Instant Oil Change and Dipstick acquisitions in Lansing and Grand Rapids, MI.

Since that time, Valvoline Instant Oil Change has become one of the premiere oil change centers in the United States, and worldwide. You can drop off your car and expect to have it back to you in no time at all.

The oil change will provide you with 5 quarts of unused Valvoline oil, a new Valvoline oil filter, and lubrication of the vehicle’s chassis components.

In addition to using a Valvoline oil change coupon, you can also save a great deal of money on other products and

Valvoline Instant Oil Change Coupon

Recent Valvoline coupon or an oil change

services at Valvoline Instant Oil Change centers. At your request you can have the following changed: transmission fluid, windshield washer fluid, power steering fluid, antifreeze/coolant. They also can save you time correcting your automobile’s tire pressure, adjusting or installing serpentine belts, and installing new wiper blades and vehicle lights.

The Valvoline oil change coupons aren’t the only thing that will save you money. According to the Valvoline website, you can save upwards of $140 throughout the year with your cheap oil change. Getting an oil change at Valveline can save you on gas mileage enough to make an oil change worth it. Having correct tire pressure increases gas savings by 3%, using the right oil increases it by 2%, and fresh oil increases by .5%.

Looking at the current over priced gas prices of $3.96, this could save most people on average of $140 a year on gas. Couple that with several Valvoline oil change coupons and you can save over $160 a year.

Valvoline Nextgen Motor Oil

Recently, Valvoline has come around to start help dealing with the effects of oil consumption on our environment.  They realize that we cannot just get rid of oil in our cars, at least yet.  Motor oil is a necessity at this time.  The one thing that we can do, if find a more eco-friendly way of using oil in our cars.  Valvoline Nextgen motor oil is their current solution.  It is made of part recycled oil, so we don’t need to consume nearly as much oil, which means less digging and less pollution.

Where else can you get a cheap Valvoline oil change?

There are several other retailers that often use Valvoline motor oil when they do their oil changes.  They do this because Valvoline has been a trusted lubricant for a long time.  Companies like Goodyear, NTB and Pep Boys usually offer discounts on oil changes using Valvoline motor oils.

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Sears Valvoline Oil Change Coupon

All Sears Auto Centers have high quality motor oils on hand.  They are a large, worldwide company that is respected for carrying premium products and performing great services, so they don’t stop the quality when it gets to the motor oil.

While the different brands at each Sears might vary from location to location, you can almost always get Valvoline put in your engine with them.  This is one of the most trusted and popular brands available today.

Valvoline has been around for well over a century.  The company started in 1866 when Dr. John Ellis formulated a petroleum-based lubricant that he later named and trademarked as Valvoline motor oil.  The original formula has changed over the years to bring you a product that will keep your engine running better for a much longer time.

Sears Valvoline Rebate

Sears usually has a coupon available for conventional and premium oil changes, but it never specifies the brand of lubricant that they are going to use on your car.  With this deal, you’ll know beforehand that you are getting the one that you want.

ValvolineAwardCardIf you ask for a Valvoline oil change at Sears, you will qualify to get this $10 Award Card in the mail after your purchase.  This deal begins February 1, 2013 and expires March 31, 2013.  You’ll have the option of choosing between using either Valvoline’s MaxLife or SynPower motor oil.



Valvoline Instant Coupons 2013

Valvoline Instant Website

Here’s a somewhat amusing trivia. While most of us consider frequent short trips and stop-and-go city traffic driving as “normal” driving, these are actually “severe service” driving. And so the recommendation from most vehicle manufacturers to change oil once a year or every 7,500 miles will usually not apply. Instead, oil change is recommended to be every 3,000 miles or six months which applies to diesel engines and turbocharged gasoline engines as well.

To be on the safe side, most oil companies suggest changing the oil every 3,000 miles or three to six months regardless of what type of driving you do. A brand new engine with minimal or no wear can probably get by on 7,500 mile oil changes.

But as your engine accumulates miles, blowby increases, dumping more unburned fuel into the crankcase, eventually diluting the oil. This then causes the oil to break down. If the oil is not changed as frequent as needed, you can end up with accelerated wear and all the engine problems that come with it such as, decreased performance and fuel economy and increased emissions and oil consumption.


In order to lessen the costs of vehicle ownership and maintenance, many carmakers would recommend the oil filter to be replaced at every other oil change. Nowadays, oil filters on most engines have been downsized. This is mainly to save weight, cost, and space. The quart-sized filter that used to be common on most engines has been replaced by a smaller, pint-sized filter.  Now these tiny filters should be alright for a 3,000 mile oil change interval, but may need to be replaced before a second oil change at 6,000 or 15,000 miles. And so the ideal routine actually is to replace the oil filter every time the oil is changed.

Good thing there are discount coupons to help ease the budget, right? These Valvoline Instant Oil Change coupons are good up to 5 quarts of oil and includes filter, lube and maintenance check. Make sure your engines are in tip top shape all the time and save up with these discounts.



VIOC Save $5 or $7

For your EZ Lube locations discount, scroll to the bottom.   Valvoline bought up EZ Lube and is still offering a bigger discount to those customers in Southern California.

I think I wind up posting this same special every month since the discount hasn’t been changing.  That’s not saying you aren’t getting a good price, but it just makes updating this site a little more boring.

That being said, you have 2 options for how much you can save at a Valvoline Instant Oil Change location.  Either of the options can save you $5 or $7 depending on the service that you need.

The first option, that saves you $5 is for a full service conventional oil change.  This service includes up to 5 quarts of standard motor oil, an oil filter, as well as a lube and maintenance check. You can either print the coupon below, or you can text VIOC5 to 58720 to have the deal sent directly to your cell phone.

VIOC Discount - November 2012

The $7 option will work if you want to upgrade your service.  Fully Synthetic and synthetic blend oil changes will cost a decent amount more than your typical conventional option.  This is because they are using a more expensive lubricant for your engine that will work in more extreme temperatures and work better in older cars.  Like the $5 deal, you can print the coupon above, or you can try texting VIOC7 to 58720.  Texting this number will send you a text message back with instructions on how to redeem your offer at your local Valvoline Instant Oil Change center.

Like the conventional deal, you’ll also get 5 quarts of motor oil (synthetic blend or fully synthetic), filter, lube and maintenance checks.

Offer not valid with any other same service offer or discounts.  Good at participating locations  Both discounts will expire on November 30, 2012 and will be good during Thanksgiving weekend as well.  If you have a VIOC location near your mall, you can drop it off and get it serviced while you do your Black Friday shopping on November 23.

EZ Lube Coupon

I keep letting you guys know that EZ Lube was bought out by the Valvoline Instant company, but people still land on this site looking for EZ Lube oil change coupons.  As a conselation, we have the discount that you guys get at the brand new VIOC locations that took over for EZ Lube.

Instead of the $7 and $5 discounts that most of the country gets, you SoCal and other former EZ Lube customers will get $15 off of your oil changes with the coupon below.

EZ Lube oil change coupon - november

This discount is good for ANY full service oil change at these new VIOC locations.  Try out this deal to see if you are now a fan of the company that has replaced the EZ Lube spots.

The EZ Lube deal expires on December 31, 2012.


Walmart Deals

Trying to find a deal for Walmart in November is near impossible if you try looking at their circular.  This thing is 48 pages of kids toys front and back.  Apparntly Furby still exists and Wreckit Ralph toys are already popular despite the movie not even coming out yet.

I had to do a little more searching to find anymore discounts this month, but the only ones that I could come up with were some do-it-yourself (DIY) specials for those of you that are good with some tools.

With winter coming up really soon, you should definitely look into getting some services taken care of on your car, more than just the oil change.  As roads start to get slick from rain, ice, snow, etc. you will need to get some good tires with a lot of tread so that your car can actually stay on the road.  One of the most dangerous things you can do with your car is have tires that are ill equipped for the winter season.  There are plenty of tire discounts around their site that you can find here.

As for oil changes, the deals for this month can be found in a special insert for the Auto Center alone.  Again, these are all do it yourself and not services done at your Walmart.

Walmart oil circular November 2012

The deals below all expire on October 31, 2012.  The following prices are from the most recent sales pages.


Valvoline® or Castrol® GTX Conventional Motor Oil, 5 qt – $15.97
Purolator® Classic Oil Filter – $3.27
TOTAL – $19.24 for both
Pennzoil® Conventional Motor Oil, 5 qt. – $15.47 each
Purolator® Classic Oil Filter – $3.27
TOTAL – $18.74


Castrol® GTX High Mileage Motor Oil, 5 qt – $17.27
Fram® Tough Guard® Oil Filter – Starting at $5.94 each
TOTAL – $23.21


1 GALLON Rotella® Synthetic Blend Oil – $12.97


Mobil 1® Synthetic Motor Oil, 5 qt – $24.97 each
Fram® Tough Guard® Oil Filter – Starting at $5.94
TOTAL – $30.91


GumOut® 2X Concentrated Fuel Injector Cleaner – $2.98
Dura Lube® Severe Fuel System Cleaner – $10.97
Dura Lube® Engine Treatment – $14.54


Autolite® Copper Spark Plugs – $2.97 each
Bosch® Platinum +2 Spark Plugs – $8.97 each
Bosch® Fusion Spark Plugs – $10.88 each

Prestone Antifreeze/Coolant at WalmartCOOLANT/ANTI-FREEZE

Super Tech™ 50/50 Antifreeze/Coolant – $7.97
Prestone® 50/50 Prediluted Antifreeze/Coolant – $10.24
Prestone Antifreeze/Coolant Concentrate – $12.24
Prestone® RV Antifreeze
Super Tech™ RV & Marine Antifreeze – $2.97


EverStart® 6-Gauge Booster Cables – $28.88 each pair
Schumacher® 1.5-Amp Battery Maintainer – $19.97
Schumacher® 500-Amp Jump Starter – $48.88
Schumacher® 30-Amp Charger – $79.97