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2014 Oil Change Coupons from Sears

After a very long hiatus, I’m back to posting on this site to help you all save some more money.  It has been almost 6 months since I last updated this site, and now I’m back and hopefully can keep up with all of the newest discounts for you.  And of course, the first deal I’m getting started with are Sears oil change coupons.

The deals are basically the same as 2013 with oil changes discounts ranging from $19.95-$23.95 for a conventional oil change as well as the $10 discounts on synthetic oil changes.  Each month we will post the newest deals to keep you up to date on the special pricing at Sears.

Sears Conventional Oil Change Coupon

march-sears-oil-change-coupon-conventionalDiscount Expiring in April

Deal: $19.99 conventional oil change

No mention of an oil filter being involved in the discount

Deal expires on April 5, 2014

Sears Synthetic Oil Change Coupon

Discount Expiring in April

Deal: Save $10 on a synthetic oil change

No mention of an oil filter being involved in the discount

Deal expires on April 5, 2014

Print the coupon above.  This coupon has both discounts available on it.

Sears High Mileage Oil Change Coupon

Discount Expiring in April

Deal: Save $10 on a high mileage oil change

No mention of an oil filter being involved in the discount

Deal expires on April 5, 2014

Print the coupon above.  This coupon has both discounts available on it.

Sears Oil Change Coupon for March 2014

This month you can save $10 on an oil change at an Sears Auto Center location.  Print this coupon and bring it in to your closest location, which you can find at Sears.com.

This discount will get you $10 off of either a conventional, synthetic or high mileage oil change.  The regular price of a conventional oil change at Sears is $29.99, so with this deal you’ll only have to shell out $19.99 until the coupon expires…when we will just put up a new deal for you in April.

This coupon expires on April 5, 2014.

The deal is good for up to 5 quarts of oil.  A $3.50 shop fee will also apply in all locations except those in California, Illinois, Minnesota, and Puerto Rico.


Sears Oil Change Coupon – Expires August 2013

Sears always has a coupon available for an oil change available as soon as the last one expires.  We try to keep on top of the Sears coupons since a lot of people come here looking for them, but if this one is expired please send us an email.

If you are looking for a premium service this month, then you will get the greatest discount now.  Otherwise, you might want to consider looking for another discount elsewhere for a basic oil change.

More Sears coupons available here.

Coupon Expiring July 7, 2013

June-July Sears oil change special

This deal will give you the option between a cheap conventional oil change or a discounted premium one.  The conventional oil change savings is about $10.  The normal cost to you would be $29.99 if you were to get this without a coupon, but with it, you’ll get the oil change for $19.99.  The discount last month was for $17.99, so it isn’t as great of a savings as before, but it is still a good deal.

The other option would be a synthetic or a high mileage oil change.  If you have a car that you really want to take the best care of, you should decide to get a synthetic oil change.  These will help your engine by preventing break down of the parts better, it will give you a better start up time in cold weather and you won’t need to get your oil changed for a few thousand miles more.

This discount will give you ten dollars off of the synthetic or high mileage motor oil if you choose that instead.

Also, members of the Sears “Shop Your Way” program will get additional points for getting a synthetic or high mileage oil change with this coupon.

Both of these discounts will expire on July 7, 2013.  On the fifth we will have the next deal up on the site.

Sears Oil Change Coupons 2013

Sears has been running a common cheap oil change for most of 2012 that carried over to the new year.  Most of last year you were able to get a conventional oil change for $17.99 or you could opt for a synthetic or high mileage oil change for a $12 instant savings as well.

The deal below says that the regular price is $29.99, but according to the website it is only $26.50.  You would get that price if you didn’t want to get an oil change.

Use the Sears coupon here which I found on Sears.com and get the oil change AND a brand new filter for just $21.99.

If you have an older vehicle or one that requires extra special care, you should probably consider using the option for a $8 off of the premium oil changes.  Sears is a large reputable company, so you can be assured that you will get a higher quality motor oil like Castrol, Valvoline or Pennzoil.

Printable Sears Oil Coupon – April and May


$3 shop fee applies except in California, Illinois, Minnesota, and Puerto Rico.
Not available in all stores. Most vehicles. One coupon per purchase. Rebate valid thru 5/4/13.
Void where prohibited by law. Cash value 1/2

The coupon above expires on May 5, 2013 and is good for the entire month of April.  The Sears Automotive Centers in most locations should accept this voucher.  If they do not, please leave a comment below and I’ll look into it.

Sears Valvoline Oil Change Coupon

All Sears Auto Centers have high quality motor oils on hand.  They are a large, worldwide company that is respected for carrying premium products and performing great services, so they don’t stop the quality when it gets to the motor oil.

While the different brands at each Sears might vary from location to location, you can almost always get Valvoline put in your engine with them.  This is one of the most trusted and popular brands available today.

Valvoline has been around for well over a century.  The company started in 1866 when Dr. John Ellis formulated a petroleum-based lubricant that he later named and trademarked as Valvoline motor oil.  The original formula has changed over the years to bring you a product that will keep your engine running better for a much longer time.

Sears Valvoline Rebate

Sears usually has a coupon available for conventional and premium oil changes, but it never specifies the brand of lubricant that they are going to use on your car.  With this deal, you’ll know beforehand that you are getting the one that you want.

ValvolineAwardCardIf you ask for a Valvoline oil change at Sears, you will qualify to get this $10 Award Card in the mail after your purchase.  This deal begins February 1, 2013 and expires March 31, 2013.  You’ll have the option of choosing between using either Valvoline’s MaxLife or SynPower motor oil.