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Firestone Oil Change Coupons 2016

Firestone Oil Change Coupons:

august-firestone-oil-change-couponFirestone Discounts 2016

$21.99 Standard Oil Change and Filter

$10 Oil Change Rebate at Firestone Complete Auto Care! (Use for Synthetic oil changes)

Tire Coupons and Rebates

Kendall GT-1 Synthetic Blend Oil Change coupon 

Firestone Credit Card

A Firestone oil change coupon can save you a lot of money on one of the most trusted car service companies in the United States.

A common coupon for Firestone Complete Auto Care is a 25% off coupon for an oil change with a replacement oil filter.  This is applicable on most vehicles and is definitely worth printing the coupon and driving into Firestone.Firestone also offers coupon for some of its many other services including:
Brake repair or replacement:  Firestone will diagnose what is causing the noises coming from your brake system and replace what is needed.   There are many Firestone coupons related to brake services.

Firestone oil change coupons

Tire Offers:  The Firestone Company has long been known as a tire production company.  You should expect that they offer many services related to their industry.   They will sell and install tires on your car for a great price with a printable Firestone coupon.  They commonly include Firestone coupons on new tires, tire rotations, and buy three tires to get the fourth tire free.

Shocks and Struts:  If your car is driving too stiff or too rough, Firestone has plenty of options to help get your shocks and struts back in line.  They usually have coupons available on this product and installation.

Firestone Oil Change Coupons: The coupons for oil changes are the most common at Firestone. A Firestone oil change guarantees that they perform the service right, the first time.  This what they call the Firestone Guarantee.The Firestone website even makes it fast and easy to book an appointment.  They have an online scheduling assistant to help you lock in a time to visit their shop for an oil change or other car service.

The Firestone website is a great resource for any car owner as well.  They provide 14 tutorial videos to help any person take care of their own cars.  The videos show you the correct way to fill a tire, how to improve your car gas economy, and how to change your tires.  Along with these instructional videos and money saving Firestone oil change coupons, you should visit the website today.

Firestone Coupons 2014

Firestone Complete Auto Care is just that…it is a complete auto care center.  You can go in there for basically any automobile services that you might need.  They can perform simple oil changes, install new tires or rebuild your engine if need be.

Firestone is a middle ground for prices.  They aren’t the cheapest, but then again, they aren’t the most expensive.  Their tires are good prices compared with others of the similar quality like Goodyear or Bridgestone.

Current Firestone Coupons

January – February 2014

synthetic-blend-oil-change-couponFirestone Oil Change Coupons


Firestone Brake Coupons


Other Firestone Service Coupons




Recently Expired Firestone Coupons

Bridgestone Best in Class Discount Tires CouponBridgestone Best in Class Discount Tires

$50 Instant Rebate on Best in Class Bridgestone Tires! Hurry,

Deal ends July 7th – SHOP NOW!


Firestone FR710 Tires CouponFirestone FR710 Tires Discount 

Get 15% OFF Firestone FR710 Tires! Now through July 14th

Deal ends July 14 – SHOP NOW!


25% Off Bridgestone Turanza with Serenity

Offer valid on tires purchased from April 29th thru May 31st, 2013.


Firestone Affinity Touring

Buy 3 Get the 4th Free or Buy 1 Get 50% Off Second Tire
ffer valid on tires purchased from May 1st thru May 18th, 2013.


Primewell PS850/850 Special Pricing

Offer valid on tires purchased before or on May 5, 2013


Sears Oil Change Coupon – Expires August 2013

Sears always has a coupon available for an oil change available as soon as the last one expires.  We try to keep on top of the Sears coupons since a lot of people come here looking for them, but if this one is expired please send us an email.

If you are looking for a premium service this month, then you will get the greatest discount now.  Otherwise, you might want to consider looking for another discount elsewhere for a basic oil change.

More Sears coupons available here.

Coupon Expiring July 7, 2013

June-July Sears oil change special

This deal will give you the option between a cheap conventional oil change or a discounted premium one.  The conventional oil change savings is about $10.  The normal cost to you would be $29.99 if you were to get this without a coupon, but with it, you’ll get the oil change for $19.99.  The discount last month was for $17.99, so it isn’t as great of a savings as before, but it is still a good deal.

The other option would be a synthetic or a high mileage oil change.  If you have a car that you really want to take the best care of, you should decide to get a synthetic oil change.  These will help your engine by preventing break down of the parts better, it will give you a better start up time in cold weather and you won’t need to get your oil changed for a few thousand miles more.

This discount will give you ten dollars off of the synthetic or high mileage motor oil if you choose that instead.

Also, members of the Sears “Shop Your Way” program will get additional points for getting a synthetic or high mileage oil change with this coupon.

Both of these discounts will expire on July 7, 2013.  On the fifth we will have the next deal up on the site.


$40 Coupon for Pennzoil DIY Oil Change – Pep Boys

Pennzoil Penn 10 Coupons

Pennzoil does not currently have any nationwide Pennzoil branded oil change locations.  They do however own and operate the Jiffy Lube company nationwide and Penn 10 stations in the Northwest.

If you are looking for a Pennzoil oil change coupon, you can either get a Jiffy Lube oil change coupon and see if your local Jiffy Lube station uses Pennzoil, or you can use the rebate below at any AutoNation location.

The mail in rebate is available inside of the AutoNation locations, so you might want to call ahead to make sure they have it available.

This particular rebate expires on February 29th, but it is a common deal that you can check on with your closest AutoNation location.

With the mail in rebate, you will get a check back for $20 on a qualifying Pennzoil oil change.

Pennzoil Oil Change Mail in Rebate

Synthetic Oil Change

$10 Off Synthetic Oil Change – Pep Boys

$40 Coupon for Pennzoil DIY Oil Change – Pep Boys

Sears Valvoline Oil Change Coupon – $10 back on Valvoline Synpower or MaxLife

$10 Off Synthetic Oil Change – Sears

Goodyear $10 Off Synthetic

Quaker State Synethetic Oil change / STS Coupon

Goodyear Oil Change Coupons – 2012, $10 off of Valvoline premium oil change

Synthetic oil changes can be a little more expensive that your every day, run of the mill, oil change.  There really isn’t any difference in the service being offered, but the quality of the product differs greatly.  You should consider if your car is worth the higher priced oil change by reading the information below.  You can always find synthetic oil change coupons to bring down the price if it appears too expensive for you.

What is the difference between synthetic motor oil and conventional (regular) oil?

Mainly, it is a difference of how the two oils react to different changes in temperature.  Cooled down conventional oil will “sludge up” and become thicker than synthetic oil.  When conventional oil gets very hot, it thins down significantly, which causes it to lose most of its lubricant qualities.  Synthetic motor oil, on the other hand, will be more fluid in cool temperatures while not breaking down as much in higher heats.

Another benefit would be better gas mileage.  If you are looking to get better MPG in your car, opt for a synthetic oil change next time you are looking to have your car serviced.

Who should use synthetic oil?

People who live in extreme temperatures should consider getting synthetic oil changes rather than conventional.  Even people who live in areas where the seasonal weather gets rather cold or very hot should look into this.

You want to consider your car’s long term length when shopping for an oil change.  If you get a high quality synthetic oil change and live in a cold region, you can feel safe knowing that you have a better chance of your car starting right up in the morning.  Your car will struggle less to get going and should last longer.  On the other hand, hot weather will lower the viscosity of your oil.  Conventional oil will leave you more prone to overheating or long term engine failures.

How much more expensive is a synthetic oil change?

Conventional oil is about half the price of synthetic in most cases.  Mathematically, in the long run you’ll be saving a lot of money by switching to synthetic oil.  This is due to less engine breakdown and better fuel efficiency saving you money in the long run.  However, you are looking to save money now.  Here are your options.

Saving money on a synthetic oil change:

If you are performing the oil change yourself you should look for a synthetic oil discount.  Amazon has great deals if you want to order your oil online and it usually qualifies for free shipping.

If you are going to have a mechanic do it for you, definitely look for a synthetic oil change coupon.  These will save you a ton of money.  Some of the best synthetic oil changes are done by Jiffy Lube, Walmart ,and Meineke.  Coupons are available online, on their sites, ads all over web pages, newspapers, and coupon mailers.

Expired Synthetic Oil Change Discounts

  • Pep Boys Oil Change Coupons – August 2012 – $10 off synthetic
  • Pep Boys Synthetic Oil Change Coupons – July 2012
  • Econolube Coupons- $10 off – July-August 2012
  • $10 Off Synthetic Blend Oil Change at Firestone – Expires 7/31/12
  • EZ Lube/Valvoline Instant Oil – $15 off – Exp. 7/31/12
  • Sears Synthetic Oil Change