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Firestone Oil Change Coupons 2016

Firestone Oil Change Coupons:

august-firestone-oil-change-couponFirestone Discounts 2016

$21.99 Standard Oil Change and Filter

$10 Oil Change Rebate at Firestone Complete Auto Care! (Use for Synthetic oil changes)

Tire Coupons and Rebates

Kendall GT-1 Synthetic Blend Oil Change coupon 

Firestone Credit Card

A Firestone oil change coupon can save you a lot of money on one of the most trusted car service companies in the United States.

A common coupon for Firestone Complete Auto Care is a 25% off coupon for an oil change with a replacement oil filter.  This is applicable on most vehicles and is definitely worth printing the coupon and driving into Firestone.Firestone also offers coupon for some of its many other services including:
Brake repair or replacement:  Firestone will diagnose what is causing the noises coming from your brake system and replace what is needed.   There are many Firestone coupons related to brake services.

Firestone oil change coupons

Tire Offers:  The Firestone Company has long been known as a tire production company.  You should expect that they offer many services related to their industry.   They will sell and install tires on your car for a great price with a printable Firestone coupon.  They commonly include Firestone coupons on new tires, tire rotations, and buy three tires to get the fourth tire free.

Shocks and Struts:  If your car is driving too stiff or too rough, Firestone has plenty of options to help get your shocks and struts back in line.  They usually have coupons available on this product and installation.

Firestone Oil Change Coupons: The coupons for oil changes are the most common at Firestone. A Firestone oil change guarantees that they perform the service right, the first time.  This what they call the Firestone Guarantee.The Firestone website even makes it fast and easy to book an appointment.  They have an online scheduling assistant to help you lock in a time to visit their shop for an oil change or other car service.

The Firestone website is a great resource for any car owner as well.  They provide 14 tutorial videos to help any person take care of their own cars.  The videos show you the correct way to fill a tire, how to improve your car gas economy, and how to change your tires.  Along with these instructional videos and money saving Firestone oil change coupons, you should visit the website today.

Firestone Coupons 2014

Firestone Complete Auto Care is just that…it is a complete auto care center.  You can go in there for basically any automobile services that you might need.  They can perform simple oil changes, install new tires or rebuild your engine if need be.

Firestone is a middle ground for prices.  They aren’t the cheapest, but then again, they aren’t the most expensive.  Their tires are good prices compared with others of the similar quality like Goodyear or Bridgestone.

Current Firestone Coupons

January – February 2014

synthetic-blend-oil-change-couponFirestone Oil Change Coupons


Firestone Brake Coupons


Other Firestone Service Coupons




Recently Expired Firestone Coupons

Bridgestone Best in Class Discount Tires CouponBridgestone Best in Class Discount Tires

$50 Instant Rebate on Best in Class Bridgestone Tires! Hurry,

Deal ends July 7th – SHOP NOW!


Firestone FR710 Tires CouponFirestone FR710 Tires Discount 

Get 15% OFF Firestone FR710 Tires! Now through July 14th

Deal ends July 14 – SHOP NOW!


25% Off Bridgestone Turanza with Serenity

Offer valid on tires purchased from April 29th thru May 31st, 2013.


Firestone Affinity Touring

Buy 3 Get the 4th Free or Buy 1 Get 50% Off Second Tire
ffer valid on tires purchased from May 1st thru May 18th, 2013.


Primewell PS850/850 Special Pricing

Offer valid on tires purchased before or on May 5, 2013


Walmart Oil Change Coupons 2016

Discount Walmart Deals:

DIY Valvoline Oil Change Coupon – $6.00 off

Tire and Lube Express Discount –

Walmart oil change price

Walmart Express Oil Changes

Walmart is the world’s largest retailer.  It only makes sense that they provide other services like photo development, eye exams, and cheap car services! The home of the rolling back prices also offers other ways to save you money on everyday goods.  You can sometimes find some really good coupons to help your budget.

Usually there are not a lot of printable coupons that can be found.  Walmart will usually post some kind of specials regarding do-it-yourself deal in their regular circulars. You can buy different motor oils and filters for discounted prices so you can do the work yourself at home.

Usually the lower price for these makes all the difference.  You can get a deal to make it come out to about $14 for the oil and filter.  You will however not get premium motor oil for these prices.  They will usually be generic brands, so we wouldn’t recommend using those on older cars or vehicles driven under extreme conditions (stop and go traffic, high heat or canyon driving).

A Walmart Express Lube coupon is a great resource that you can find online or off.  Their car service discounts are occasionally found in weekly circulars, daily newspapers, mailers, and in the store.  The best way to find a good deal would probably be to print it online and use it that day.

Online coupons for Walmart can be printed and used the very same day.  They offer a great discount for you with some added benefits.

WalmartYou can drive into a Walmart Express Lube station, hand them your keys, your coupon, then continue to do your normal shopping in the store while your oil gets changed.

At Walmart, you don’t have to wait impatiently for your car to be serviced.  Go play in the toy aisle, check out some sporting goods, or try on a few articles of clothing to pass the time.  Your weekly grocery list can be knocked out while the expert mechanics change your oil.

When you are done shopping, simply bring all of your goods to the Walmart Express Lube counter and check out.  Don’t forget to use your discount to save off of your already discounted prices.

During your oil change, your technician will not only refresh your oil, but they will check the rest of your car for issues that often go unnoticed.  The oil will be changed, adding up to 5 quarts of brand new oil.  They also replace your old oil filter, lubricate your chassis, vacuum your interior, wash your windshield, and inflate your tires to the proper pressure.


The price of an oil change at Walmart stores will vary from location to location.  Different stores will charge you a different fee based on the norms of that area.  This is why the prices are not listed on the website for these different services.  You may find that the price might be a little more expensive than it would be at a location that specializes in just performing car maintenance and repairs like a Sears Car Care Center or a Firestone location.

Firestone Oil Change Coupon 2014

Deal info

The Magic Number

A lot of us probably still think that oil needs to be changed every 3,000 miles or so, but this is no longer a good guideline for cars, especially those bought in the last seven or eight years. Why? Well, oil chemistry and engine technology over the past few years have improved so that most cars can go several thousand more miles before changing the oil.

Firestone Oil Change Coupon - January 2013

The New Standard?

A better average is said to be 7,500 miles between oil changes,  sometimes even up to 10,000 miles or more. Now isn’t this great news? This not only  means less costs for drivers, but also less harm for the environmental. This new “standard” lowers the frequency of oil change and keeps us from throwing away good oil. A better way to know when to change oil, though, is to read your owner’s manual. Most of us may not be ready to trust what we would be reading from our manuals, but they do say pretty much the truth and since not every car is exactly the same, we should start trusting our manuals.

And What If You Don’t Change Oil At All?

You may be wondering, what actually happens if you don’t change your oil? No need to panic, it will not run out. But it does get dirtier and dirtier. Imagine mopping the floor with a bucket of water and detergent. At the start, the water is clean, but the more you use it, the dirtier it gets. Eventually, you’re making the floor dirtier instead of cleaning it if you don’t change the water.

The Best Thing To Do Right Now

Go get your car manual and determine the right frequency for oil change! Then print out this really neat coupon that gives you huge savings for your next oil change AND free oil filter installation. Make sure to have this coupon handy and present it on your next oil change!

Firestone Coupons for Oil Change Oct 2012

Welcome to the Firestone discounts for October 2012.  We found a couple of different oil change coupons for this month coming from Firestone Complete Auto Care that we would love to share with you all.

If these coupons are not good enough for you, or you got here a little too late, feel free to check out the Firestone oil change coupons section of our website so that you can check out the other variety of options that we have found for you.

This month there are two different deals for you to use to save some cash at Firestone.

First off, we have the conventional oil change deal.

This coupon is pretty straight forward.  Use the voucher and get your oil change for just $22.99.

This includes a refill of up to 5 quarts of Kendal GT-1 Synthetic Blend Motor Oil with “Liquid Titanim”.  You will also get a brand new oil filter installed.  This coupon expires on Halloween (October 31).

Firestone oil change coupon October 2012

Oh is there another coupon?  Yes there is!

Check out this discount if you want to save money on a premium oil change.  You will be able to get instant savings, plus save more with the mail in rebate.

Instant savings – $5.00 off

Main in Rebate – $10 off

Premium Oil Change Coupon - Firestone

You need to go to oilchangerebate.com to get the $10 rebate sent to you.

This is also using Kendall GT-1 motor oil, but special blends are used for the specific service that you choose.  You will have the option of using with high mileage or fully synthetic motor oil with your service form Firestone Complete Auto Care.

This deal also will expire on October 31, 2012.

There are some more discounts available at participating Firestone Complete Auto Care locations.  This site is dedicated more to oil change issues, so you can head over to my other site SoManyDiscounts.com to find out what other deals are being offered this October.  There are a few more regarding brakes, tire rotations and balances, car inspections, and of course deals on tires.

Feel free to contact us with any other discounts that you might find that we might have missed posting.

About Firestone:

Firestone has been around since 1926. They have grown over the last 90 plus years to become one of America’s most known and trusted tire and automotive service companies around.  They are a charitable company that contributes highly to meals on wheels and is working hard to help the environment by recycling the majority of waste products that are brought into their stores.

New products at Firestone include new EcoPower motor oil.  This is only available in Greater Portland Oregon right now, but should be spread across the rest of the nation in no time.  This is a great motor oil product that should help reduce the carbon footprint for Firestone as it uses 85% less energy to produce than its counterpart, conventional motor oil.

If you have any questions about your tires, getting an oil change at Firestone is a great opportunity to approach one of the mechanics or sales reps to determine if you need new tires and what would be the perfect tires for your car.