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CO2 Emissions Infographic

The Kyoto Protocol - What Has It Achieved? Source: InfoProductReview.org

How to Minimize Your Car Gas Bills

The following is a guest post from AutoTransportDepot.com  If you have an article that you think would be beneficial to my readers, please visit the Write for Us section of this website.

Gas prices have shown increase in the past few years. For low earners, it is becoming difficult to afford the gas cars that they own. The best solution for this problem seems to be hybrid or electric cars. However, they are very expensive to buy. Instead of gathering money and buying a new car, you must try to minimize your gas bills. Here are some of the ways that might help you in decreasing your monthly gas bills and saving some extra dollars:

Effective Octane

It is not necessary that high-octane gas will give your car a good efficient mileage. Some cars best perform on regular octane level. In order to know that which octane level is the best for your vehicle, check out your auto manual. If the high price gas is required, than go for high octane; otherwise a regular octane level is more efficient and cost saving.

Low priced Gas Station

The variation is very high among gas prices even in the same locality. On average, this variation ranges to nearly 10%. Therefore, you can easily use your smart phone applications in order to check the best prices different stations are offering.

Avoid over speeding

Over speeding uses much higher level of gas. The best advisable speed for normal vehicles is 50-60 miles per hour. Above this speed, the gas mileage tends to decrease. It is also advisable not to apply frequent brakes as this wastes your car energy.

Air conditioner

Air conditioning uses nearly 20% of the gasoline fuel. If you think that, it is cheap to use air conditioning on gas, than you are misguided. Try to minimize their use when the weather is normal. Do not worry. The roads are not very much dusty. People are walking without any masks, so you can open the windows when the weather is fine.

Empty Rooftop

If your car has luggage holder on the rooftop and you also have space inside your car to put luggage, than use the inner space instead of rooftop. The rooftop luggage increases the resistance to the car by a high amount and hence creates higher resistance for the car. It can decrease your fuel mileage by nearly five percent.

Airtight tires

Keep your tires at right air pressure and aligned. The tires are the legs of your car. Healthy legs ensure healthy body and hence healthy mileage for your car.

Avoid driving long distances

Long distance travelling can cost you sometimes much higher than you ever imagined. You can save a lot of your money if you use train or bus for long distance. If you also need your car at other destination, there are number of auto shipping companies that provide car-shipping services within country. The prices are low and hence can save a lot of your money.

Author Info:

Williams Wentworth Smith is a car shipping expert who works for an auto shipping company. You can contact him to get information related auto carriers.

Oil Change Coupons 2013

We made it through our first year here at CheapOilChangeCoupons.com.  I’m so glad that I was able to keep this site up and running all throughout 2012 to help all of my visitors avoid paying full price and save a significant amount of money on their auto services.

Through 2012 we started by just offering a few discounts, focusing on Sears, Walmart, Firestone and Pep Boys oil change coupons.  Over the year the site evolved as visitors began requesting more and I decided that it was important to me that I keep the tradition of this blog going by adding to it as necessary.

That means there will be more than oil change coupons in 2013.  I’ll keep adding brakes discounts, tire coupons, tire rotation deals and all other automotive maintenance and repair deals that I can think of.

Also last year, I saw the need for more deals to save visitors money.   So, I created a couple of new sites.

CheaperEater.com – Printable restaurant coupons and promo codes

SoManyDiscounts.com – One stop location for all discounts I come across

MomsCouponDeals.com – My mother made a site focused on coupons for moms


My scope is limited, so please leave some comments or shoot me an email with anything else you might be interested in.

The sidebar to your right has all of your auto needs. Either find the company you are looking to save at or browse under the most current deals.

7 Important Winter Car Maintenance Tips

Statistically, people will drive a lot more in the summer than in the cold winter months.  You need to keep up with your car in the summer to keep it running well, but when it gets frigid outside, there are a lot of other things that you need to start  worrying about.

Colder temperatures can wreak havoc on your vehicle.  The liquids in your car can freeze, the engine often has issues starting up and a windshield can become dangerously filthy.  Take the following steps to winterize your car and you should survive the cold months of the year.

1 – Check your Antifreeze

This one is sort of a no-brainer.  Its winter, you don’t want the cold to cause your engine to seize up.  Antifreeze is a chemical that brings the freezing temperature down which means that 32 degrees is no longer the temperature at which your engine can freeze.

Checking the antifreeze/coolant level is easy.  There should be an antifreeze reservoir inside your engine that you can look at to see if you are at the full level or closer to low.  If it isn’t at the full mark, you can take a 50/50 mix of water and antifreeze then add it to the reservoir until filled up.  If you notice it is an off color or has a leak, bring it to a mechanic to check out.

2 – Check or Change your Tires

You will only need winter tires if you live an an area where you expect an unprecedented amount of snow.  If you might get a couple storms a year, chances are you won’t even be driving that much during the storms, so there is no need to get snow tires.

However, you will want to make sure you have tires with full tread in the winter.  If you have bald tires during the winter months, you risk spinning out on black ice and getting into an accident.

3 – Oil Changes

You can still stick with the 3,000 mile oil change recommendation, but you should also consider the type of oil you are getting in the winter.  You might want to consider getting a synthetic oil change in the winter time to give yourself an oil with more viscosity that will prevent you from having issues starting up your car in the morning.

4 – Change your Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers are a cheap product, so don’t skimp on these in the winter.  If you are in an area that gets snow at all, you will be thankful you changed your wiper blades after the first storm.  New windshield wipers are better at getting off the caked on snow as well as removing the dirty snow side effects that you’ll need windshield washer fluid to get off.  Which leads me to…

5 – Buy Extra Windshield Washer Fluid

These bottles are so cheap.  You should buy three of them for your car this year.  One you should use to top off your fluid right away, and leave that one in your garage.  Throw the other two in your trunk just to be safe.  If there is a snowstorm, you’ll definitely end up with dirty, salty snow splashing up on your windshield.  The only way to combat that and actually see where you are driving is to spray washer fluid constantly.  You do not want to run out of this stuff.

6 – Remove Twigs and Leaves from your Hood

This is one of the free fixes you can do.  Autumn is over which means months have gone by where twigs and leaves have been continuously landing on your car.  Lots of the debris has probably found a home on the air intake near your windshield.  Simply pop your hood and clear this debris away.  It will keep your car from having to filter out all of the impurities that will make their way through the grill.

7 – Check your Battery

The cold air puts a toll on a battery.  This is why in the winter you might notice more people sitting in a cold car hearing a click as they turn the key rather than the engine rumbling.  You can bring your car to a Sears Auto or most other local mechanics to have them test how much juice is still in your battery.  Make sure you also shut your lights off when you get out of the car so they don’t drain the battery.


Helping Hurricane Sandy Victims

I was born and raised in New York, and this disaster is so hard to watch.  It is terribly sad seeing what this storm has done to people’s lives, and those of us outside of the New York/New Jersey area just feel helpless.

Watching the news as well as constant updates on Facebook and Twitter makes a lot of us just want to help in any way.  But, how?

Well, I found a few different options over the course of the week that include both monetary and non-monetary help.

Donate to the Red Cross

I feel like this is the first charity event to go viral.  So many people were advertising how you should use the Red Cross to make a donation.  It is so easy to do it too.

To make a quick $10 donation, all you need to do is text the word “REDCROSS’ to 90999.  Follow the directions that they send you and your phone will be charged another $10 at the end of your billing cycle that is going straight to the Red Cross to help the area.

If you want to make a larger donation you can CLICK HERE to get to the official Sandy Relief website on Redcross.org.

Amazon “Bridal Registry” for Victims

This is a genius plan that the volunteers of Occupy Sandy, a group of people trying to help out in as many ways possible.  They put together a bridal registry on Amazon that has a list of items that Sandy victims can definitely use right now and in the very near future.  All items that are purchased get shipped directly to the Church of St. Luke and St. Matthew in Clinton Hill (520 Clinton Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238).


Items include blankets, generators, flashlights, underwear, socks, clean up supplies and other things that can help people piece their lives together.  The lowest priced item on the list is only $2.88 so it won’t break the bank to help.  I feel like blankets should be pushed since it is getting to freezing temperature, and the east is about to see a Nor’easter this week.

Donate Blood

Over 100 blood drives were cancelled due to the storm and the events after it.  The amount of blood that the American Red Cross and other blood drives missed out on is pressing, and they need help to make up for what they didn’t receive during the storm.  This is something you can do that won’t even cost you a dime.

Volunteer to Help

If you are in the area, there are plenty of groups that could use some help.

Open up your home

Reach out to people you know that might have been affected.  See if anybody you know has any friends or family that needs a warm place to spend the night.

Donate Clothes

Many people lost their homes, and everything inside them.  It is freezing cold in the Northeast now and people can use clothes.  Go through your closet to see if there is anything you can spare to bring to the Salvation Army which is bringing in clothing to help the people in the area.