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Firestone Credit Card

Firestone offers this great perk to keep customer loyalty.

A Firestone credit card packs plenty of benefits, enough that you should consider applying for one.

  • There is no annual fee.  Not a lot of the competition can offer this anymore.
  • The Firestone credit card is honored nationwide at ANY of the 1,600 plus locations.
  • Your complete service history will be logged into the system and attached to the card.  Your services and warranty information can be accessed at any Firestone location.
  • Firestone offers paperless billing so that you don’t have to be bogged down with unnecessary paperwork at your home or office.
  • You will find special savings, discounts, and coupons available exclusively for Firestone credit card holders.  No more need to be fishing around for oil change coupons or tire coupons with this handy card.
  • NO INTEREST if you pay the full balance in 6 months. (You need a minimum purchase of $249)

Firestone Credit Card

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